Malaysia’s Booming Digital Marketing Sector

Malaysia is a nation of online shopaholics.  While this is very encouraging for the growth of the e-commerce industry in the country, it is also a call to action for companies who have little or no experience in the world of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is Essential in Malaysia

A look at the Malaysian e-commerce demographic will prove why an online marketing presence is crucial to the future of any Malaysian company that hopes to be in business in the years to come.  With two-thirds of the Malaysian population spending an average of 14 hours online every day, a staggering 80% of which is through their smartphones, the Malaysian online market that no company would want to miss out on.  Studies show that 95% of Malaysians are satisfied with their online shopping experience, with a majority of shoppers willing to pay more for quicker delivery, a definite encouragement for companies looking to make their mark in the digital space.  This is why many companies are reaching out to a marketing company in Malaysia in order to kickstart their digital marketing strategies.

Positive Growth in Digital Media Spend

Backed by the promising statistics that track the explosive growth of the Malaysian e-commerce industry, Malaysian companies have begun spending larger percentages of their marketing budgets on digital marketing, attempting to integrate digital marketing plans into their overall marketing strategy.  Given the unbeatable experience that the smartphone affords, enabling purchasing power within the palm of one’s hand, digital marketers are constantly looking at creative ways to capture the target audience’s attention.  A huge amount of marketing budget is being poured into digital marketing advertising, with content such as online video and social media advertising playing a key role.

Trends Transforming Digital Marketing

As Malaysia’s e-commerce industry witnesses a rapid growth rate, some game-changing digital marketing trends are being introduced by many a marketing company in Malaysia.  To begin with, the buy button and mobile payment options are being integrated into social media, allowing consumers to go from discovery to purchase with a single click.  Another major trend to watch out for is content marketing; long viewed as a subset of traditional marketing methods, content marketing is all set to establish itself as a key component of digital marketing.

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