Malaysia’s Design Industry

Why Design is Essential

We live in a world where design dominates every stage of production.  It is the factor that sets companies apart.  Design in Malaysia is the process of planning new products or services.  The multi-stage design process involves massive research, analysis, prototyping, creative thinking and much more.  Design involves the coming together of analytical, creative and technical skills in order to produce a breakthrough and commercially viable product or service.  Without a solid design, there is a risk not only of losing focus, but also going off schedule.  A well-defined design process therefore, helps teams to achieve both.  With a structured design process in place, teams can follow through with the formulation of a product or service, from start to finish, smoothly.

Design in Malaysia

Different Kinds of Design Services

Design is the product of a variety of design services coming together to achieve the designer’s vision of a product or service.  Some of these include web design, graphic design, animation, motion graphics design, UI/UX design and so on.  Graphic design leverages images and other visual elements to convey an idea in a compelling way.  Graphic design services are used everywhere, from logos, letterheads, business cards to billboards and product packaging.  Web design involves the creation of landing pages, blog templates, mobile apps and much more in the digital space.  Motion graphics design services involve designing product demos, animator graphics and other videos that help promote a product.  Animation design service brings stories, special effects and characters to life.

Design Trends in the Current Year

Of the defining trends the industry is likely to see with respect to design in Malaysia, an important one is a conscious effort for environmental sustainability.  As designers move towards minimalism and promotion of harmony, inclusion and thoughtful consumerism, it is likely that design will reflect this new outlook.  The design industry has been responding in the past to issues like mental health and the massive use of social media, and the expectation is that the industry will now move to addressing pressing issues such as obsession with celebrity status and idealism, and shift the focus instead towards honesty, transparency and mental well-being instead.

Design services may be varied, but in the end they all come together to create a product that is stunning.

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