Malaysia’s Dominant Online Advertising Services Industry

All Set for a Major Role

Online advertising in Malaysia is all set to play a big role in the overall advertising spend for the next few years, say industry experts.  With most Malaysians spending a significant amount of time online, businesses are driven to find better and more innovative ways of engaging with their target audience.  Malaysia online advertising offers businesses multiple advantages; for one, it allows for better reach at comparatively lower costs.  Using online advertising methods, marketers can engage with their audience at multiple points, spread out across the day.  Online advertising allows companies to reach consumers in a way that traditional media quite isn’t able to do.

online advertising strategies.

Digital Advertising Statistics to be Aware of

According to the latest statistics, Malaysia online advertising revenue has accounted for 556 million USD in the current year.  Using online advertising methods such as overlays, banners, search engine advertising and social media advertising, to name a few, this form of advertising delivers ads to users on the Internet via various devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and the Internet of Things-enabled devices.  Of the total spend on advertising, social media advertising leads the pack, with a market volume of 224 million USD.  This follows from the fact that on average, Malaysians hold four different social media accounts, spending most of their time on one or the other social media platform.

Advertising for the Always On the Move Malaysian

Malaysians are unique in terms of their purchasing power.  Any advertising agency developing an online advertising campaign needs to understand how the local market works and have a firm grasp of the preferences of the average Malaysian shopper.  While most online advertising agencies offer standard services such as SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media advertising, businesses would do well not to be thrown by all of this terminology; instead, a business owner should focus on how well the online agency works with the company, how flexible they are with budget restrictions, and how well they understand the objectives of the company.

Online advertising is, like it or not, the future of Malaysian advertising; with the right advertising agency to guide it, a business can make the right decisions and see success in its online advertising strategies.

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