Malaysia’s Ever-Growing Design Services Industry

Malaysian Design Trends to Watch for

The huge convenience offered by mobile phones in terms of social media access, banking and online shopping has given rise to some interesting trends in design services the world over.  Particularly in Malaysia, where one-fourth of its population are ‘mobile only’ users, these trends indicate the extent to which design in Malaysia has grown over the past decade.Malaysian design experts are quick to recognize the need to tailor website design for the specific use of mobile phones.  One of the significant trends in the design industry today is the growth of responsive websites, which have the ability to scale down to meet the needs of mobile phone users.  This caters to the significant 25% chunk of the Malaysian population who use mobiles exclusively for accessing the Internet.

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Responsive Design: The Way of the Future

With telecom providers in Malaysia offering plenty of incentive to own a smartphone, more than 80% of the country’s population now possess a smartphone, making it the most popular device with which to surf the Internet.  Given this, the significance of responsive design must be considered seriously.  For one, design services that offer responsive web design recognize that responsive design is fluid in nature, flowing across the different resolutions of various and differently-sized Internet-enabled devices.  Responsive design is high on creating the best user experience possible for visitors using smaller devices to access the Internet while scoring points for being cost-effective as well.  Flexible images, proportion-based grids and such all contribute towards the success of responsive design.  As early as 2015, Google has begun boosting the ratings of companies that are mobile-friendly in terms of content.

Other Design Trends To Keep an Eye Out for

Besides responsive design, a number of exciting trends have begun to appear in design in Malaysia.  These include the creative use of white space and minimalistic design, the ever-increasing popularity of SVG for images that are easily scalable and the continued trend of parallax scrolling animations.

Malaysian design agencies that have incorporated these trends into their design services are the ones who will enjoy greater success in the days to come, leveraging the strengths offered by these design elements to not only create better results for their client but also for themselves.

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