Malaysia’s Exciting Creative Design Services Industry

Top Job Opportunities for Malaysian Designers

The design industry in Malaysia is relatively new and not as mature as that of the west, and the Malaysian population not as appreciative of the values of good graphic design.  Nevertheless, the recent years have seen mushrooming of small to medium-sized design studios all over the country.

Creative Design

With the rising popularity of online platforms and social media, more companies are beginning to employ Malaysia’s creative design services, giving rise to greater opportunities and increased exposure.  This has, in turn, benefitted the institutions offering higher learning with design courses, some of which focus solely on design.  Most up-and-coming Malaysian designers still prefer having a formal education in design, or choose to study overseas, resulting in a talent drain in the past decade.  However, with more local opportunities, talented Malaysian designers are turning back to pursue their career of design in Malaysia.

Conscientiousness and Social Responsiveness

Malaysian design has evolved over the years to take on a character of its own.  Malaysian designers have begun to see the need for conscientious design, and social responsiveness as a stark need and not a mere trend.  Over the last few years, design in Malaysia has gravitated towards environmental sustainability and minimalism in an effort to develop social responsibility.  There has been some serious momentum towards minimal packaging, eco-friendly branding and thoughtful consumerism.  As more Malaysian designers, especially the youth, question the ethics of their work, it has become important to them that the nature of their work reflects the values of the company they work for.  No longer is it enough to provide creative design services for a fee; the Malaysian designer of today feels a need to identify with the ethics behind his work.

The Effect of Good Design on Malaysian Society

While many in the country do not really understand the value of graphic design, Malaysian society is nevertheless moving towards a trend where more and more good design is being presented to the population.  By and large, Malaysian society is slowly seeing and appreciating the values of design and its impact.

With their high-quality and cost-effective design services, creative Malaysian designers are carving a niche for themselves and ensuring a bright future for design in Malaysia.

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