Malaysia’s Innovative Advertising Agencies

The phenomenal growth of the advertising industry in Malaysia is a testimony to the importance that business owners and industry leaders place on effective advertising.  In recent times, particularly, the creative services offered by Malaysia’s leading advertising firms have served to completely transform existing brands and build a strong market presence like never before.

Different Kinds of Advertising Methods

With traditional print media giving way to its digital counterpart, the number of ways that an advertising campaign can be run has grown exponentially.  Advertising methods today can range from the tried-and-tested newspaper ads to social media advertising, purchased online adverts, and the ever-popular television and radio advertising.  Smaller businesses with moderate budgets can benefit from targeted advertising that engages with a specific section of the audience, plus advertising at predetermined times rather than throughout the year.

Challenges Faced by Modern-Day Advertising

The advertising industry today is faced with a huge challenge: audiences everywhere are sick of advertisements and the market is seemingly saturated with advertising campaigns across media, all vying with each other for the target audience’s loyalty.  In such a scenario, advertising methods have evolved which go beyond analyzing just demographic data, but also rely heavily on a factor combination that has come to be known as BEM – behaviour, emotion and moments.  By analyzing behaviour patterns based on the data obtained from spending patterns and online conversations, an advertising agency in Malaysia can build targeted campaigns that speak directly to the heart of the intended audience, leading to a much higher chance that they will turn into the consideration phase.

Current Advertising Trends

Out stream video is a trend that has quickly caught on, among advertising methods, allowing ad videos to be placed and played without having to open their video players.  Another explosive trend is the use of chatbots, automated customer service agents that offer 24/7 customized, individualized service for social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram.  Another seemingly weird trend is that of remarketing older advertisements, which have shown surprisingly high conversion rates among audiences.  These are a few of the trends that every advertising agency in Malaysia has been quick to adopt.

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