Malaysia’s Savvy Digital Marketing Industry

Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

Businesses in Malaysia need to consider a number of factors before choosing a digital marketing company to work with.  For one, businesses must consider the experience the marketing company has, in working with the local Malaysian population.A thorough understanding of the demographics of the population is crucial to the development of a compelling digital marketing strategy.  Another factor to consider before selecting a marketing company in Malaysia is the agency’s willingness to consider several strategies and not dictate its personal agenda to the business.  A final crucial factor to consider, especially for smaller businesses, is the marketing company’s flexibility to work on a small budget.

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Understanding the Malaysian Demographic

In terms of Internet and mobile phone usage, Malaysia as a country is unique; more than two-thirds of the population possess a smartphone, and users spend significant amounts of their time online.  This has led to marketing in Malaysia evolving over the years, from traditional billboard and TV to in-app messaging, social memes and chatbots, all of which have found widespread acceptance by the Internet-savvy Malaysian population.  With newer channels and means of communication likely to be introduced, the challenge of every digital marketing company in Malaysia is how to effectively use these channels and capabilities in order to transform and drive business values.

Getting Creative with Digital Marketing

Consumers are getting more fickle-minded by the day, and Malaysians are no longer buying into traditional marketing methods like affiliate marketing and PPC.  A successful digital marketing company must get creative with its campaign and explore other means of connecting with its target audience. Especially with mobile-touting Malaysians, a creative digital marketing campaign can involve design elements that draw the consumer’s eye and make it fun to explore and engage with content.  Another element of creativity is where copy is designed and developed so that the data being pulled in feels custom to the subscriber, showcased brilliantly by the likes of Fitbit and Jetstar.

By combining creativity and know-how, digital marketing companies in Malaysia can create successful campaigns that truly impact their audiences.  Understanding how the consumer uses the Internet, what platforms they use and ultimately what their reason for getting online is, goes a long way to creating a compelling marketing campaign.

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