Malaysia’s Social Media Phenomenon

Challenges of Marketing on Social Media

Marketers see social media as a double-edged sword – each new platform is a potentially new area from which to market from, but also is a potentially new distraction for a user.  With the average Malaysian having close to five different social media accounts, what this means is that users sift through massive amounts of content throughout the day.  It takes a very well-crafted social media marketing campaign to grab the attention of this fickle-minded audience.  In addition, the unique Malaysian demographic of Malaysians spending more time on their smartphones than anywhere else in the world adds a mobile angle that no social media marketing agency can afford to ignore.

Monetizing from Newer Trends

As newer technology becomes available over the Internet, advertisers need to keep pace and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly.  A social media marketing agency in Malaysia needs to stay on top of emerging trends such as augmented reality (AR), and leverage it in its marketing campaigns to realize bigger returns.  With every new feature that gets introduced in social media, marketers can engage with audiences in innovative ways and thus open a window of as yet untapped potential in terms of marketing on social media.  AR and other new phenomena indicate that exciting times are ahead for social media marketers both within the country and abroad.

New Customers and Better Sales

Social media is indispensable for finding new customers on a daily basis, and engaging with them to drive sales.  Among businesses that invest heavily in online marketing campaigns, social media is the most popular messaging media, with 86%, followed by display advertising and paid search.  This is testimony to the power of social media in grabbing audience attention and ultimately converting audiences into loyal consumers, and is reflected in the way businesses choose their adspend.  Social media marketing contributes to sales and revenue generation like no other online marketing tool does and will continue to remain popular for as long as audiences remain loyal to their social media platforms.

Social media is a powerful medium for finding customers and driving sales.  Used wisely, social media marketing is an effective tool in the hands of businesses and marketers across Malaysia.

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