The Need for Good Design in Malaysia

Trying to create a brand positioning strategy or an impactful advertising campaign without a good design, is useless.  Design is what drives and ensures a converted audience.

The Power of Good Design

Many in the advertising or branding business fail to realize just how compelling a good design can be.  Design is the dynamite without which even the most masterfully created campaign will fall flat.  Design takes a carefully put-together combination of text, graphics, animation, colour and so on, and combines it with insight obtained from research into demographics (age, income group, ethnicity) to ensure the absolute success of the advertisement or branding strategy.  When people are able to remember what the advertisement intended to communicate, and are able to relate to it, that points to the excellent design behind the advertisement.  Design in Malaysia makes a product or brand stand out, over and above the noise of its competitors.

How to Identify Good Design

Whether it’s design for an advertisement campaign, logo or product packaging, a company offering designing services always follows a few fundamental principles.  Something that looks good doesn’t ensure the effectiveness of the solution.  However snazzy a design looks, if it doesn’t solve the essential problem of the client, it is of no use.  Secondly, does it appeal to the target audience?  Good designers must ensure that their product, or strategy is able to grab the attention of the intended audience.  Also, very importantly, good design in Malaysia means not subjecting your audience to information overload.  Some of the best designs are minimalistic ones, focusing on one central theme, and avoiding the urge to overcrowd.

Design Takes Collaboration

Companies offering design services usually have multiple teams working together to create a single solution.  A design is the collaborative effort of skilled professionals like graphic designers, copywriters, animators, photographers, illustrators and so on.  In the case of branding strategy, building a design involves people with experience in different kinds of media, such as online, print or TV.  Researchers studying the demographics of the target audience also play a big role in the design of a campaign.

Good design is invisible.  The purpose of design is to tell the story of its brand, or product, or to communicate a message in a powerful way.  When an audience sees the product or the message more than the actual design, then the design is deemed to be a success.

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