The Need for Memorable Advertising Techniques

The attention span of the average member of a campaign’s target audience is lamentably short.  Given that the market is teeming with competing brands all vying for the audience’s attention and engagement, it is imperative that the advertising strategy adopted be focused, target-driven and results-oriented.  Here are some of the strategies that top advertising agencies have adopted to stay ahead of the competition.

Call to Action Redefined

Newer insights into the behavioural patterns of audiences have shown that advertisements need to feature bolder, more drastic calls to action.  A call to action needs to be powerful enough for the average viewer to be motivated to do something, like buy a product or subscribe to a service.  The most compelling advertisement will be an empty failure if it does not follow through with a specific call to action.  Further, a call to action must feature something that is easy enough for its audience to do, like clicking a button.  The most effective advertisements feature calls to action that make their customers act immediately, and not leave them with the idea that they will merely think about it.

Mobile-Specific Advertising Strategies

Ignoring the mobile user comes at a huge cost, as the number of mobile-only Internet users far exceeds those who use other devices to access the Net.  Recent studies show that advertising services that have given particular focus to mobile users stand to gain more potential customers than those who focus elsewhere.  Research shows that engagement is higher with mobile users, so those choosing not to invest in a mobile user-specific campaign are effectively saying goodbye to half the number of their potential customers.

Full-Services Agencies Rule the Day

A full-service advertising agency offers a combination of advertising services and is seen by some to be better equipped at taking on complete advertising campaigns.  These services range from strategic planning, creativity, marketing, copywriting, public relations, sales promotion and so on.  Very often, a full-service advertising agency has greater insight into how to influence the purchasing power of the audience and has the comprehensive range of services that can allow businesses to reach both traditional and digital media with their campaign.

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