New Trends in Branding in Malaysia

What is Cause Branding and Why is it Big?

As companies come under increased pressure to take firmer stances on burning social issues, brands are coming up with innovative ways of engaging in a social or environment issue, while making their brand identity felt. Cause branding seeks to create a long-term association between the cause and the brand and to use the cause as a means for establishing an identity that its audiences will not easily forget.  Cause branding serves two important objectives: for one, there is the moral obligation that a company has, in giving back to society.  Secondly, doing good pays off in the long run; companies that are able to effectively demonstrate responsible cause branding are more successful in building their reputation with a target audience.


Factors to Consider while Cause Branding

A branding agency in Malaysia that specializes in cause branding will tell you that there are some important questions that must be asked at the beginning of any cause branding strategy.  For starters, a company needs to determine which social causes it will support.  Supporting too many causes will result in the company spreading itself thin, draining both employees and resources, and ultimately impacting its bottom line adversely.  In addition to this, companies need to define for themselves how much they will donate to the cause, either in terms of money or effort, and how much will be construed as too little, or too much.  A key factor to ask oneself during this exercise is: how much does this cause align with the core values of the business?

The Importance of Authenticity

Any branding agency in Malaysia knows that Malaysians are highly perceptive and likely to spot insincerity on the part of a brand that is not willing to follow through on its commitment to a cause.  This is why it is extremely important to vet causes to ensure that they align with the brand’s values so that the company’s involvement does not appear contrived or untruthful.

Cause branding is fairly new to Malaysia; however, as more companies jump on the cause branding bandwagon, this strategy is fast becoming the best way for companies to brand themselves strongly while giving back to society.

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