Online Advertising in Malaysia’s Aggressive Markets

Television no Longer Holds Sway

Until as recently as 2017, television dominated advertising in Malaysia, occupying the number one spot in terms of introducing users to a new product or service. However, studies conducted as early as January 2018 have indicated that the Internet has now displaced television to become the first medium by which users are made aware of new products. Leading by as much as 10% over television, online advertising in Malaysia is a powerful medium that traditional companies and businesses need to take seriously, if they haven’t done so already.  Given that the average Malaysian spends a staggering eight and a half hours on the Internet, it stands to reason that television, relegated to a mere two hours, has now taken a backseat to the compelling medium that the Internet is.  Such is the power of online advertising services.

Advertising Agency

Selecting the Right Online Advertising Agency

Companies looking to make the most out of online advertising in Malaysia should consider a few questions which they need to ask prospective agencies.  Most agencies specializing in online advertising services offer SEO, PPC and so on as a standard package of services.  What a business owner should look for is the differentiating factor that sets an online advertising agency above its competitors, namely how strong it is on strategy formulation.  In addition, another thing to consider is how well the agency’s results (in the form of digital data) correlate the work that they have done.  Online advertising agencies have the tools and wherewithal to measure the effectiveness of their strategies, so businesses will be able to see how effectively an agency has performed on earlier-run campaigns.

Online Advertising means Constant Change

Being the dynamic medium that it is, online advertising services are likely to be constantly changing, evolving into newer services as newer digital platforms and social media rise or fall in popularity and newer means of interacting with an audience are discovered.  Online advertising agencies in Malaysia are keeping abreast of the rapidly changing online advertising industry by constantly training themselves in the latest technologies.

Online advertising is undoubtedly the future of advertising.  With the right online advertising agency, a business can confidently take the plunge into the exciting world of advertising on the Web.

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