Online Advertising Trends in Malaysia

Trending Now: Mobile-First Online Advertising

The way consumers in Malaysia use their smartphones for the Internet has forced businesses and advertising services alike to up their advertising game.  Companies investing in online advertising are realizing that mobile-first advertising yields the highest returns on investment.  This is largely due to the mobile-related demographics in Malaysia. Malaysians spend anywhere between three to five hours on their smartphones every day.  The biggest chunk among these users is the millennials, who are a powerful segment of users in terms of influencing other consumers.  As a recent survey noted, almost 15% of millennials rely on their smartphones to meet all of their online activities; this astounding figure begs for more emphasis on mobile-first online advertising.


Personalization is Key

In the age where companies vie with each other for the target audience’s attention, it is no longer the company with the boldest campaign that wins.  Online advertising in Malaysia recognizes that in order to retain a potential customer’s attention and win their loyalty, personalization has to play a key role.  Faced with constant information overload, audiences are increasingly turning to content that engages with them at a personal level.  Informative and intuitive content is the result of advertising services where design houses have gone through great lengths to study what makes an audience tick, and what ticks them off.  The result is highly personalized advertising that is able to predict, through AI, what a user’s preferences are, and engage with the user like never before.

Video is Still King

The KYC (know your customer) approach to marketing has revealed that audiences largely prefer video content as opposed to text.  Marketers are using this demographic to build crisp and highly-engaging video content that conveys to audiences in five minutes what they would take ten minutes otherwise, to read.  The power of video content is well-known.  Surveys have indicated that adding video content boosts buying chances by a staggering 35%.  In addition, people are more likely to share a video than text.  Using video as the prime online advertising in Malaysia, businesses can educate and engage with their audiences far more powerfully than with text-based advertising.

With well-crafted content, mobile-first marketing and personalization, Malaysian businesses are all set to conquer the market.

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