Best Techniques for Social Media Optimization

Why Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization, or SMO, is a relatively new area in the growing field of social media marketing and derives from the idea of making a website social media marketing-ready, that is, ready to have its content and links shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.  Why is social media optimization such a big deal?  The answer lies in the number of users who are registered with social media sites: at any given time, around two billion people are logged into social media sites collectively, across the globe.  Social media marketing taps into this tremendous potential customer base, and SMO makes sure that your website is primed and ready to be shared across platforms.

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Effective Advertising Strategies to Make Your Business Stand Out

Different Kinds of Advertising Services

The purpose of advertising is to help promote a product’s sales and bring in more customers.  To this effect, advertising services offered by agencies aim to cover every medium possible with integrated advertising campaigns.  Advertising services can include those in print advertising such as copywriting, graphic design and direct mail marketing, public relations, video production, photography, and the increasingly complex online advertising, which has its own set of services, such as SEO, social media advertising, web development, emails, analytics, and reporting.  Advertising companies have recently overhauled themselves into becoming full-service advertising agencies, offering a combination of multiple advertising services under the same umbrella.  This saves business owners from hiring multiple agencies to represent them, thus ensuring a more cohesive advertising campaign, not to mention flexible pricing.


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The Key to Effective Advertising

Make the Tagline Stand Out

The tagline of an advertisement is what makes or breaks it the advertising strategy. A recent study revealed that taglines control about 70% of the advertisement’s call to action.  One of the most effective advertising techniques is to come up with a tagline that is short but to the point.  Customers are more likely to remember a catchy tagline than a lengthy one when it comes to making the decision to buy.  Very often, advertising agencies combine a smart, short tagline with a compelling image, which put together, spell out for the target audience a clear message that the brand wants to convey.  An effective tagline can form the basis of an integrated advertising campaign that can be introduced across multiple media platforms, from print to TV to the Internet.

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Why Hire an Advertising Design Service

Advertising campaigns have evolved in recent times to being more than just a smart combination of words and pictures.  Advertising design services these days run the gamut from TV campaigns to social media, to print advertisements in newspapers and magazines.  Ensuring that the message being portrayed in each of these media is consistent and that the brand being advertised has a clear identity in the minds of the target audience, is the prerogative of an advertising design firm.  Advertising design services typically include copywriting, illustration, photography – all of which come together to create a winning concept that translates into a compelling advertising campaign for your business.


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Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

Many business owners believe social media marketing to be all there is to digital marketing, when in fact, social media is only one facet of marketing online.  A very powerful channel for generating ROI is pay per click marketing, or PPC.  PPC campaigns are designed to convey short, impactful messages with a direct call-to-action, prompting target audiences to take quick buying decisions.

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Defining the Objectives of Branding

A brand is not just a company tagline or a logo.  Branding in marketing is the art of placing, in the audiences’ minds, an image of a company’s core values and services.  Branding agency creates an impression of what target audiences can expect from a business, and more often that not, it also tells potential customers how the business is different from its competitors.  For this reason, it is important for business owners to articulate at the very beginning of a branding campaign, what qualities they would like potential customers to associate with their company, as well as list out benefits and advantages of using the company’s products.  At this point, a brand agency in Malaysia will also rely on market research to understand what customers already think about the product or brand.


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Demographic Challenges

Business owners looking to make an impact need to take account a few complications unique to the Malaysian market.  Malaysia is made up of 3 main races and many tribes, each of which has its own dialect and customs.  The challenge faced by any advertising agency in Malaysia, therefore, is in creating a mass-market advertising strategy that will reach out to each of these ethnic groups.  Advertising agencies invest in substantial amounts of market research in order to understand behavioural patterns about their audiences before they come up with their advertising strategy for a company or brand.  Extensive research is also done to gain knowledge about how a client’s competition operates in the market.

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Building a Strong Image

The first step in a social media marketing plan is to create a strong profile for a product or business, creating a good first impression in the minds of viewers as to the brand being marketed.  In addition to seeing up an impressive profile on each major social media platform, a smart strategy is to cross-promote social accounts, by asking an audience on one platform to follow you on the others as well.  Another powerful tool that marketing agencies use to reinforce a strong image, is to run cross-channel campaigns, branding them with unique hashtags to make them instantly memorable.  As more social media platforms move their networks to smartphones via apps, it becomes necessary to focus on optimizing one’s marketing plan for the mobile audience as well.

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Various Purposes of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is used today not only for effectively reaching out to larger target audiences but also for other varied purposes such as providing customer support, interacting with customers, generating sales leads and building online communities.  Frequently, social media marketing focuses on creating awareness about a company, without directly engaging in sales or brand promotion.

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Types of Online Advertising and Business Needs

Online advertising in Malaysia is a hundred-million-dollar industry and one that allows business owners the opportunity to reach and influence target audiences across multiple touch points.  Online advertising is a multi-faceted area spanning diverse options such as email marketing, website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and advertisements on social media, to name a few.

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