Effectively Building Your Brand with Social Media Marketing and Management

social media agency Marketing to an Online Malaysia

In a country where over two-thirds of the population spend a considerable amount of time online, social media marketing plays a crucial role.  Gearing up for the digital world is paramount for businesses looking at strengthening their brand image, and make themselves stand out from among the crowd of competition.  Continue reading “Effectively Building Your Brand with Social Media Marketing and Management”

New Trends in Branding in Malaysia

What is Cause Branding and Why is it Big?

As companies come under increased pressure to take firmer stances on burning social issues, brands are coming up with innovative ways of engaging in a social or environment issue, while making their brand identity felt. Continue reading “New Trends in Branding in Malaysia”

Advertising in Multi-Cultural Malaysia

AdvertisingCreating Advertisements that Resonate

Despite the concept of an all-encompassing Malaysian identity still being worked out, most Malaysians like to think of themselves as Malaysians first, rather than members of a particular culture or religion, or race. Continue reading “Advertising in Multi-Cultural Malaysia”

Making your Digital Marketing Strategy Work

Stay Up to Date on Digital Marketing Trends

Traditional digital marketing techniques such as banner ads are no longer effective, as a recent study concluded, indicating that an overwhelming 54% of Internet users don’t click on these ads simply because they don’t trust them.  Continue reading “Making your Digital Marketing Strategy Work”

What Good Design Means to Malaysia

Big Influencers on Malaysian Design

Design in Malaysia has come a long way from its beginnings. While Malaysia’s colonization has played a huge role in influencing its design history, today Malaysian designers are seeking inspiration from nearly everywhere.  Continue reading “What Good Design Means to Malaysia”

Malaysia’s Savvy Digital Marketing Industry

Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

Businesses in Malaysia need to consider a number of factors before choosing a digital marketing company to work with.  For one, businesses must consider the experience the marketing company has, in working with the local Malaysian population. Continue reading “Malaysia’s Savvy Digital Marketing Industry”

Emerging Trends for Branding in Malaysia

Developing Hybrid Teams

In today’s ever-changing industry, companies that have sales and marketing teams working separately, in silos, will fast fail.  Instead, aggressive branding calls for a more disruptive way of working, by quickly creating hybrid teams that can combine the roles of sales and marketing for the common good.  Continue reading “Emerging Trends for Branding in Malaysia”

The Power of Advertising

Creating an Effective Advertising Campaign

In an age of multiple media, where audiences are bombarded with advertisements, creating a compelling advertising campaign can be somewhat challenging.  The key, as any reputed advertising agency in Malaysia will tell you, is to identify the issue or problem you are trying to fix and then find a solution to fix it.  Continue reading “The Power of Advertising”

Key Social Media Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know

The Rise of Live Video

Live video has been around for a while on platforms such as YouTube, but its introduction on newer platforms in the past year has made it a key trend to watch out for.  Gone are the days when audiences were content with consuming passive video content.  Today’s audience demands in-the-moment consumption where it can interact with and be an active part of the process.  Continue reading “Key Social Media Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know”

Social Media Marketing Features You Need to Know

The Importance of Context

A company that wants to venture into the world of social media marketing needs to bear in mind the power of context.  From the text to the images and videos used in social media posts, everything should be aligned with the message that the brand conveys.  A failure to reflect this results in a very confused audience.  Continue reading “Social Media Marketing Features You Need to Know”