Riding the Digital Marketing Wave in Malaysia

The Digital Space and Marketing

Malaysia’s Internet-savvy population has, on average, at least four social media accounts, with YouTube being the numero uno platform, closely followed by Facebook and WhatsApp.  With 25 million Malaysians online at any given point of time, the Internet is the best avenue for businesses to promote themselves and establish a strong presence.  Every digital marketing company in Malaysia is keenly aware of this and is quick to develop marketing strategies around this phenomenon.  While ecommerce sales currently lag behind those of their physical counterpart, the trend is set to reverse itself within a few years, as more and more Malaysians, particularly the younger sector, move to online purchasing as a preferred mode of shopping.

Faster, Cheaper, Always On

The massive explosion that is the Internet of Things has spawned a revolution in terms of digital marketing.  Thanks to IoT, all manner of devices, wearable and otherwise, are now connected to the Internet.  For Malaysians who already have a healthy appetite for being online, this means an always-on, faster and more convenient way of getting onto the Net.  Digital marketing strategies revolve around this newfound occurrence, where shoppers are now able to buy what they want, from where they want, at a price they want, and whenever they choose.  Digital marketing involves brand management, channel management, SEM, social media marketing, content management and a host of other strategies that will secure a company’s digital presence firmly in the minds of its target audience.

Enabling Marketing for Today’s Businesses

Ultimately, digital marketing strategies are about anticipating the needs and preferences of a particular section of people, through social exchange, and being able to meet those needs through the use of digital technologies such as email, Internet, smartphones, social media and so on.  A proper understanding of these technologies is crucial to allow a digital marketing company in Malaysia to grasp the big picture of how their client’s requirements fit into their target audience’s needs.

Digital marketing strategies have addressed the challenge that marketers have always faced, of how to reach a particular audience with the right kind of engagement.  With today’s cost-effective digital marketing strategies, businesses in Malaysia can not only reach one specific audience, they can reach them all.

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