Shaping the Future of Branding in Malaysia

Trends in Branding

Industry experts agree that the advent of artificial intelligence spells some amount of freedom for branding agencies, in that it does the heavy lifting around campaign execution, giving brand agencies time for more creative work. Influencer marketing, or what is known as Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing is making big waves on the Malaysian scene.  The best brand advertising agency knows that it needs to keep pace with the latest trends in its industry.  Therefore, Malaysian brand advertising agencies are aggressively adopting and incorporating the hottest new branding trends into their campaigns, with good results.

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Brand Management and Consulting

Many Malaysian businesses mistakenly believe that branding is only about logo design and advertising campaigns.  In reality, however, branding goes much beyond this.  From the company’s identity (which includes name and logo), to the way the company handles communication with clients, branding defines everything about a company, and is the sum total of every image, logo, ideas, text, video and person that the company represents.  Creating a compelling brand proposition is something best left to professionals, who take a concept or idea from a business owner and convert that into a winning proposition that consumers will be willing to try.

The Stages of Creating a Brand

Brand imaging or enhancing is a multi-tier process; when working with the best brand advertising agency, the first step is defining the objectives of the brand.  Next, the brand agency creates an action plan, working on aspects such as brand logo, vision statement, website creation and advertising strategy, among other things.  An important facet of branding, and one that is often overlooked, is training the entire staff of the company on the new branding initiative.  A brand agency will look at every communication forum that its customer engages in, ranging from press releases, to emails, to visiting cards and stationery.  Last, the brand is rolled out to the external world, and monitored in terms of established metrics that determine how effective the branding campaign is.

A brand advertising agency’s focus is on maximizing revenue for its client, by bringing together its various resources to create a compelling story about the client that will capture its audience’s attention completely.

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