How Social Media Helps Business: Beyond SEO and Adwords

Digital marketing in Malaysia is making rapid strides. It seems everyone from start-ups to large-scale businesses are adopting popular strategies such as SEO and AdWords. So, how does a business gain an edge over the competition? Well, there are many innovative strategies beyond SEO and PPC that require just a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness to deliver solid results for your business.


Content Marketing Strategy

This a versatile and valuable way to spread the word about your business, distribute relevant information that people are actually interested in and build a solid reputation for your business in the online space.  A professional internet marketing company may offer a choice of solutions such as white papers, online press releases, e-books, blogs and other long-form content formats to help businesses attract new inbound traffic as well as retain an existing customer base. Generating fresh content on a regular basis is a great way to stay fresh in the minds of existing customers and encourage sign-ups from new members.

Targeted E-Mail Marketing

E-marketing is a low-cost digital marketing strategy with incredible potential for ROI – it all depends on how the strategy is executed. It’s not enough to just send e-mails to all your customers – it is far more effective to segment customers in various lists according to their online purchasing behavior and then provide them with targeted content addressing their needs. This is an excellent way to make e-mail marketing more personalized which in turn will result in building customer loyalty and inbound traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few has potential to build and nurture customer relationships based on trust. Here too, content (in the form of text, visual or multi-media) plays a key role in attracting an initial audience. Social media marketing facilitates two-way communications between a business and target audience, allowing businesses to distribute content and audiences to send in queries, discuss or give feedback. Social media marketing is an excellent way for a business to gain greater brand visibility, reputation and organic inbound traffic to the website.

A Cross-Platform Approach

When it comes to digital marketing, there are no cookie cutter solutions. In most cases, a multi-pronged approach is required to see high ROI. This is because different strategies share a symbiotic relationship in some way or the other. Depending on your individual business requirements and goals, an agency offering services for digital marketing in Malaysia may recommend a set of strategies that will complement your overall marketing efforts.

Choose a firm with skilled, creative and innovative team members – such people know how to maximize the return for every dollar of ad spend!

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