How Social Media Helps Businesses

With over two billion people (cutting across age groups and demographics) having social media accounts, advertising on these platforms is not an option – it’s a necessity! Here’s how a social media agency in Malaysia can help you connect with your audience and grow your business online.

Social Media Marketing

Builds Product Awareness

Having social media presence allows for quick and easy distribution of content to relevant audiences. Content reaches target group in the shortest possible time which can give a business an edge over its competitors. However, advertising on social media is not about making a loud sales pitch. Through regular updates, businesses can effectively distribute useful relevant information about product, service, promotional offers, upcoming events and much more.

Fosters Enriching Customer Relationships

A good social media agency in Malaysia understands that advertising on social platforms is about forming connections and building relationships with existing and potential customers. The best part about these social channels is that communication is two-way. Businesses can collect feedback by asking readers to share their thoughts and ideas and make adjustments in their services to drive greater sales. Businesses have an excellent opportunity to provide real-time customer service to show they care. Timely customer service and regular interactions help foster brand awareness, increase sales, encourage customer retention and drive business growth.

Enables Targeted Advertising

Today’s consumers expect a business to have social media presence so that it’s easier to find and interact with them. Social media monitoring agencies may recommend advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest to name a few depending upon target audience’s online behavior. Setting up an account is easy enough but did you know you can reach the right target audience by using a variety of online tools for segmentation? Targeted advertising on social media is more cost-effective than advertising on traditional media with the added benefit of being able to reach audiences on the go, thanks to mobile sites and applications.

Generates Website Leads

When fans, customers and followers people share your social media content, your business has a better chance of getting placed higher on search engine rankings. Besides, posting on social media is a direct way of generating organic traffic for your website, which will again help you achieve higher search engine rankings. Having presence on social media is also a good way to make smart business decisions since individuals share a wealth of information on their social accounts which businesses can tap into. You can learn about the buzz around your brand and gauge consumer sentiment.

Don’t be on the outside watching your competitors walk away with business. Consult a multi-disciplinary advertising firm in Malaysia and leverage the power of social media to further your business interests!

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