Social Media Marketing for Always-Connected Malaysia

Malaysia is second only to Singapore in terms of its ecommerce growth.  With over 67% of the country’s population online at any given point of time, Malaysia’s social-media savvy consumer base is pushing companies to completely rehaul their social media marketing campaigns, or risk going bust.

The Next Stage of Digital Marketing

Analysts studying digital marketing trends in Malaysia have discovered that social media marketing features in a big way in most companies’ digital marketing strategies.  Malaysians have, on average, at least 4 social media accounts.  This represents huge opportunities for companies looking to establish a strong online presence through social media marketing campaigns.  To be operating in an environment in which the penetration of social media, smartphones, and e-commerce is so high is luxury indeed for Malaysian businesses, a fact they are keenly aware is not afforded to other countries where residents are not as digital-savvy as Malaysians are.

Micro-Influencers and Content Marketing

One of the trends that social media campaigns are adopting all over Malaysia is the promotion of micro-influencers.  Ever since Instagram exploded on the social media scene, the concept of micro-influencers has been seen to attract a large following of die-hard fans.  Cashing in on the popularity of these micro-influencers has proved to be a successful social media marketing tool, with businesses seeking to connect with and engage audiences through the long-term nurturing of these micro-influencers, who keep supplying audiences with content pertaining to a specific topic, such as fashion, or food.  The use of content marketing has become a phenomenon in itself, and is another immensely effective social media marketing tool, as marketers realize the potential of digital content – both text and video – to attract audiences and maintain a steady channel of communication with them.

The Integration of E-commerce with Social Media

Leveraging on the popularity of social media and its huge potential to convert audiences from followers to buyers, businesses are beginning to integrate buy buttons into their social media campaigns.  This single-click convenience allows consumers to go from discovery to checkout almost instantly and is a huge game changer, the likes of which have never been seen before in the Malaysian economy.

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