Benefits of Product Placement Advertising and Tips to Ace the Genre

Have you considered product placement advertising for your brand? It’s a time-tested strategy that can deliver big dividends. Here’s a look at the benefits of product placement and tips to incorporate it in your marketing mix. Continue reading “Benefits of Product Placement Advertising and Tips to Ace the Genre”

Is Traditional Advertising Still Relevant in The Digital Age?

Business owners are constantly in a limbo about which type of advertising in Malaysia – digital or traditional – will get them the highest results. If you do a quick internet search about the state of traditional advertising in the face of stiff competition from digital advertising, you’re likely to come off thinking that traditional advertising is dying. Continue reading “Is Traditional Advertising Still Relevant in The Digital Age?”

Creative Advertising in Malaysia

advertising agency A Treasure House of Advertising Talent

Malaysia represents some of the best advertising talent in Asia, with many an advertising agency in Malaysia frequently bagging awards at international advertising symposiums. Continue reading “Creative Advertising in Malaysia”

Advertising in Multi-Cultural Malaysia

AdvertisingCreating Advertisements that Resonate

Despite the concept of an all-encompassing Malaysian identity still being worked out, most Malaysians like to think of themselves as Malaysians first, rather than members of a particular culture or religion, or race. Continue reading “Advertising in Multi-Cultural Malaysia”

Advertising Services in Malaysia

What Advertising Service To Choose

In an age of online advertising, the advertising services available in Malaysia are multi-fold.  Most agencies specialize in offering search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) as online advertising services.  Print services include copywriting, and developing advertisements for print media like magazines, newspapers and the like.  Continue reading “Advertising Services in Malaysia”

Four Strategies to Maximize Returns from Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia

With digital marketing getting increasing attention, you may wonder if outdoor advertising in Malaysia is still relevant for businesses. The truth is, outdoor advertising is one of the most effective channels for small businesses to connect with a local audience. Here are some tips to make outdoor advertising work for your small business.

Continue reading “Four Strategies to Maximize Returns from Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia”

The Development of Malaysia’s Advertising Industry

The Rise of Advertising

Malaysia has had a number of advantages with respect to advertising; for one, the country’s strong infrastructure has made it favourable for advertising in Malaysia to grow in leaps and bounds.  Continue reading “The Development of Malaysia’s Advertising Industry”

Inside Malaysia’s Creative Advertising Scene

Local Advertising for Small and Medium Businesses

Business owners in Malaysia, especially those of small and medium businesses (SMBs) are slowly recognizing the importance of spending on digital advertising services, to attract customers that spend a significant amount of their time online. Continue reading “Inside Malaysia’s Creative Advertising Scene”

Why Do We Need an Online Advertising Company?

In the old days, people used the yellow pages to find providers of goods and services. Today, they look for them on the internet. However, the worldwide web is a complex beast that few businesses can successfully navigate to reach their target audiences. That’s why it makes sense to partner a professional online advertising agency in Malaysia with expertise and experience so that you can boost your online presence.

advertising agency in Malaysia

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List of Top Advertising Companies in Malaysia

For an increasing number of small and medium size businesses in Malaysia, partnering with a professional advertising agency is a vital process for enhancing visibility, profits and growth. However, there are thousands of advertising companies in Malaysia, how do you choose one that’s right for your business requirements? It should not be an impulsive decision but one based on careful thought and research.

Advertising Agency in Malaysia Continue reading “List of Top Advertising Companies in Malaysia”