Four Strategies to Maximize Returns from Outdoor Advertising in Malaysia

With digital marketing getting increasing attention, you may wonder if outdoor advertising in Malaysia is still relevant for businesses. The truth is, outdoor advertising is one of the most effective channels for small businesses to connect with a local audience. Here are some tips to make outdoor advertising work for your small business.

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The Makings of a Good Advertising Strategy

Knowing your Target Audience

In the age of automation, businesses across Malaysia can take advantage of not only cutting-edge advertising services but also applications that crunch big data and analyze demographic information crucial to the business’ advertising strategy.  For an advertising agency in Malaysia, this could mean information on what social media platforms the target audience is most active, what hours of the day they are likely to be online, what the top interests are for a collective group of potential customers.  All of this vital information can then be fed into the advertising strategy for the business.  Content that is produced as part of the strategy, both text, and video, can be customized accordingly.  The result?  A highly personalized advertising approach that is sure to engage with the audience.


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Online Advertising in Malaysia’s Aggressive Markets

Television no Longer Holds Sway

Until as recently as 2017, television dominated advertising in Malaysia, occupying the number one spot in terms of introducing users to a new product or service.  However, studies conducted as early as January 2018 have indicated that the Internet has now displaced television to become the first medium by which users are made aware of new products.  Leading by as much as 10% over television, online advertising in Malaysia is a powerful medium that traditional companies and businesses need to take seriously, if they haven’t done so already.  Given that the average Malaysian spends a staggering eight and a half hours on the Internet, it stands to reason that television, relegated to a mere two hours, has now taken a backseat to the compelling medium that the Internet is.  Such is the power of online advertising services.

Advertising Agency

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Demographic Challenges

Business owners looking to make an impact need to take account a few complications unique to the Malaysian market.  Malaysia is made up of 3 main races and many tribes, each of which has its own dialect and customs.  The challenge faced by any advertising agency in Malaysia, therefore, is in creating a mass-market advertising strategy that will reach out to each of these ethnic groups.  Advertising agencies invest in substantial amounts of market research in order to understand behavioural patterns about their audiences before they come up with their advertising strategy for a company or brand.  Extensive research is also done to gain knowledge about how a client’s competition operates in the market.

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