Four Valuable Traits of Good Design Agencies in Malaysia

Although design is still an upcoming industry in Malaysia, a number of agencies have sprouted offering design services. Because of its impact on brand recognition and brand identity, design should not be taken lightly or outsourced to just any creative agency. Here are some important traits of a reliable agency offering solutions for design in Malaysia.

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The Impact of Design in Malaysia

Good Design and its Value

Thanks to two prevalent trends – the popularity of social media, and the use of the smartphone for browsing, design has now become embedded in the Malaysian culture.  As businesses everywhere wake up to the possibilities of marketing over social media and over mobile, design plays a key role in whether a consumer will recognize and remember a particular brand or business, from among the onslaught of information that he or she experiences, every time they go online.

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Creating a Lasting Impression with Good Design

Standing out from among the Crowd

Design in Malaysia is more than just graphic design; good design is all about a business effectively communicating with its audience to inform, engage with, and eventually convince customers to take the desired action.  Good design is what sets a business apart from the rest of the competition and creates a positive and lasting impression.  Whether it is a business card, a website, or product packaging, companies now realize the importance of making an impact, because of first impressions matter.  Design services may vary from flyer design to product packaging – regardless, they all play a crucial role in creating a perception.

Design in Malaysia

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Malaysia’s Ever-Growing Design Services Industry

Malaysian Design Trends to Watch for

The huge convenience offered by mobile phones in terms of social media access, banking and online shopping has given rise to some interesting trends in design services the world over.  Particularly in Malaysia, where one-fourth of its population are ‘mobile only’ users, these trends indicate the extent to which design in Malaysia has grown over the past decade.  Malaysian design experts are quick to recognize the need to tailor website design for the specific use of mobile phones.  One of the significant trends in the design industry today is the growth of responsive websites, which have the ability to scale down to meet the needs of mobile phone users.  This caters to the significant 25% chunk of the Malaysian population who use mobiles exclusively for accessing the Internet.

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Four Benefits of Partnering a Boutique Design Agency in Malaysia

When deciding on a creative agency offering design services in Malaysia, are you considering a boutique establishment? Big agencies offer clients security, resources and skills but boutique agencies offer the same skills along with many other distinct advantages at a fraction of the price.


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Four Mistakes to Avoid For Creating a Powerful Logo Design in Malaysia

Do you know the biggest mistakes to avoid for developing an impressive logo design in Malaysia? As a client, you’re likely to be involved in the design process and an awareness of these mistakes can help you make right decisions and achieve best outcomes.

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Malaysia’s Cutting-Edge Design Services Industry

Rapid advances in technology have resulted in multiple platforms for advertising and marketing campaigns.  Given the diversity on each of these platforms, design plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the campaigns that are run on them.  Here are a few important things that a good Malaysia design company needs to bear in mind.

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Tips to Ensure a Memorable and Inspiring Design for Your Malaysian Business

Whether it is a logo or advertisement, creating effective messaging has a strong basis in the design process. Logo design is such an important aspect of an organization’s overall branding strategy that it should not be left to non-professionals or part-timers. Yet, there are so many design agencies, both local and international, promising excellent results that it can be overwhelming to choose the right professional agency for your project requirement. Here are some tips to help you decide.



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4 Key Reasons Why Design is Important for Brands

Is design in Malaysia still relevant in this age of myriad digital marketing initiatives? The truth is, no matter which platform you decide to market on – online or offline, design plays a key role in immediately drawing audiences’ attention and creating a memorable impression. Even the best marketing strategy needs to garner attention to gain ground and a professional design will help you get noticed.

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Top 10 Logo Design Company in Malaysia

A company’s logo is very often the centerpiece of its branding campaign but not everyone can create a great logo. While most designers are capable of delivering a custom logo design in Malaysia, making an outstanding one requires a complex set of skills such as knowledge of design theory, its skillful application, and loads of creativity.

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