The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia

Conquer the Rising Mobile Traffic

This year has seen mobile traffic within Malaysia surpass that of desktop traffic by almost 70%.  With such a staggering statistic, digital marketing cannot help but focus on the section of Malaysians that have adopted mobile phones as their means of Internet usage. Recent studies indicate that the mobile Internet usage is likely to go up even more.  Continue reading “The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia”

Turning Digital Marketing into Loyal Customers

Analyzing How to Build an Audience

Digital marketing in Malaysia involves any effort delivered over online channels, to engage with audiences and build loyal customers.  While many perceive turning digital advertisements into customers as a mystery, the truth is that by tracking and analyzing audience building through readily-available online data, it is possible to turn digital marketing success into a science. Continue reading “Turning Digital Marketing into Loyal Customers”

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Voice Search and Digital Assistants

By far, digital marketing has seen one of its biggest hits with voice-enabled devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.  Also trending are voice searches and voice-enabled commands that websites have begun to incorporate as part of their marketing strategies.  Like it or not, voice search is here to stay.  Continue reading “Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For”

Riding the Digital Marketing Wave in Malaysia

The Digital Space and Marketing

Malaysia’s Internet-savvy population has, on average, at least four social media accounts, with YouTube being the numero uno platform, closely followed by Facebook and WhatsApp.  With 25 million Malaysians online at any given point of time, the Internet is the best avenue for businesses to promote themselves and establish a strong presence.  Continue reading “Riding the Digital Marketing Wave in Malaysia”

Better Business with Digital Marketing

The job of a marketing professional today is a far cry from what it used to be, say twenty years ago.  Today, a digital marketing company is responsible for developing a company’s online marketing strategy, making use of modern tools such as web analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing and others to create a winning marketing campaign that promotes their client’s company or product.

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Digital Marketing Trends to Boost your Business

Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be daunting in a marketplace that sees change every day.  Here are some cutting-edge digital marketing trends that will give your business a distinct advantage.

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Four Strategic Benefits of Collaborating with a Professional Digital Marketing Firm

For non-professionals, the world of digital marketing can be very difficult to navigate. So, how do a small or medium business boost sales and revenues online? Collaborating with a competent, professional digital marketing company in Malaysia is an easy way to achieve specific online marketing goals and objectives. Here are some ways a digital marketing agency leverages advantages of this marketing medium for a client’s benefit.

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Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing for Businesses in Malaysia

Traditional marketing efforts not reaping rich dividends for your business? Maybe it’s time you considered digital marketing in Malaysia. After all, an estimated twenty-one million Malaysians including seventeen million mobile users are using the internet, many of them to search for products and services similar to the ones you’re offering.

Digital Marketing

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How Social Media Helps Business: Beyond SEO and Adwords

Digital marketing in Malaysia is making rapid strides. It seems everyone from start-ups to large-scale businesses are adopting popular strategies such as SEO and AdWords. So, how does a business gain an edge over the competition? Well, there are many innovative strategies beyond SEO and PPC that require just a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness to deliver solid results for your business.


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