The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia

Conquer the Rising Mobile Traffic

This year has seen mobile traffic within Malaysia surpass that of desktop traffic by almost 70%.  With such a staggering statistic, digital marketing cannot help but focus on the section of Malaysians that have adopted mobile phones as their means of Internet usage. Recent studies indicate that the mobile Internet usage is likely to go up even more.  Continue reading “The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia”

Four Compelling Reasons to Include Content Marketing in Your Marketing Mix

For successful digital marketing in Malaysia, you need to have a mix of channels and strategies. Content marketing is a crucial element that can have a far-reaching impact on your paid as well as organic online marketing efforts. Here are some advantages content marketing can provide for your small or medium business.  Continue reading “Four Compelling Reasons to Include Content Marketing in Your Marketing Mix”

The Role that Digital Marketing Plays in Malaysia

Increased Focus on Mobile Phone Users

A digital marketing company in Malaysia will tell you that in the future, brands will have to pay close attention to mobile SEO, optimizing this first and foremost, and making sure their website has a responsive design that flows seamlessly between desktop and mobile phone versions. Continue reading “The Role that Digital Marketing Plays in Malaysia”

Making your Digital Marketing Strategy Work

Stay Up to Date on Digital Marketing Trends

Traditional digital marketing techniques such as banner ads are no longer effective, as a recent study concluded, indicating that an overwhelming 54% of Internet users don’t click on these ads simply because they don’t trust them.  Continue reading “Making your Digital Marketing Strategy Work”

Malaysia’s Savvy Digital Marketing Industry

Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

Businesses in Malaysia need to consider a number of factors before choosing a digital marketing company to work with.  For one, businesses must consider the experience the marketing company has, in working with the local Malaysian population. Continue reading “Malaysia’s Savvy Digital Marketing Industry”

Four Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for Start-Ups in Malaysia

For start-ups, well-planned and executed digital marketing in Malaysia can deliver big results. Here are some digital marketing strategies to take your start-up from zero to hero in the online space.

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing in Modern-Day Malaysia

Embracing Digital Marketing in Order to Succeed

As Malaysians continue to move online, with most Internet usage happening over smartphones, Malaysian businesses are beginning to see the need to upscale themselves on the digital arena.  While this is definitely going to result in a much more crowded online space, analysts predict that many businesses will not be effective in their digital marketing strategies due to lack of expertise and experience.

digital marketing trends

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Riding the Digital Marketing Wave in Malaysia

The Digital Space and Marketing

Malaysia’s Internet-savvy population has, on average, at least four social media accounts, with YouTube being the numero uno platform, closely followed by Facebook and WhatsApp.  With 25 million Malaysians online at any given point of time, the Internet is the best avenue for businesses to promote themselves and establish a strong presence.  Continue reading “Riding the Digital Marketing Wave in Malaysia”

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

Understanding what a Digital Marketing Company Does

The scope of a digital marketing company is to promote a company’s brand, services and products over the Internet, using available resources.  There are multiple kinds of digital marketing companies, each serving a particular need.  For example, a web design digital marketing agency focuses primarily on website creation. Continue reading “Working with a Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia”

Malaysia’s Booming Digital Marketing Sector

Malaysia is a nation of online shopaholics.  While this is very encouraging for the growth of the e-commerce industry in the country, it is also a call to action for companies who have little or no experience in the world of digital marketing.

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