Effective Social Media Marketing for Malaysian Businesses

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Social Media

Any professional social media agency in Malaysia knows the power of influencer marketing on a social media marketing campaign.  As marketers recognize the value of joining forces with influencers who have medium to large followers on their sites and social media, influencer marketing has slowly evolved to overtake traditional advertising as the number one social media marketing tool today.

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Getting the Most out of Social Media Marketing in Malaysia

Creating a Buzz on Social Media

It is an exciting time to be part of the social media scene in Malaysia.  Social media marketing is a constantly evolving field, with new content formats, content redesign and innovative ways of engaging with target audiences.  Social media platforms are constantly trying to outdo each other in terms of introducing richer features, improved logos and user-friendlier interfaces.  With each of these platforms boasting millions of followers, it is no wonder then that every social media marketing agency in Malaysia has a chunk of its marketing strategy wrapped around social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Leveraging the buzz created around these social media giants is a smart move for many businesses seeking to make a strong digital presence and influence buyer decisions.


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Four Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

The popularity of social media marketing as a way to increase a brand’s online popularity and to engage audience is increasingly in Malaysia. However, there are some mistakes that marketers do that can actually make follower count and revenues drop. Listed below are some common mistakes that you should aim to avoid.

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Latest Strategies to Get Solid Results from Social Media Marketing

Even as brands try to leverage social media marketing in Malaysia to connect with audience, their competitors are increasing in numbers and attention spans of audiences are decreasing. So, how do you make a big impact with your marketing efforts? Here are some trend-setting strategies to grab eyeballs and grow your following.

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Social Media Marketing for Always-Connected Malaysia

Malaysia is second only to Singapore in terms of its ecommerce growth.  With over 67% of the country’s population online at any given point of time, Malaysia’s social-media savvy consumer base is pushing companies to completely rehaul their social media marketing campaigns, or risk going bust.

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Growing Your Business with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a buzzword with advertising and marketing agencies over the world, with many claiming to be experts in the area.  In reality, though, a social media marketing strategy is a complicated business, involving many considerations.  Here’s how to build a social media campaign that really works.

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Why You Should Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency in Malaysia

What is the Advantage of Social Media Marketing Agencies?

Let’s face it, companies, especially small to medium-sized businesses, have little or no time to implement social media marketing strategies all on their own.  With the need of the hour being to drive online business growth by engaging with target audiences on social media, it becomes imperative to hire the services of a social media marketing agency.  Social media marketing agencies help companies to create a strong digital presence, through the use of relevant online marketing tools that help boost business and create an engaged customer base online.  Social media marketing agencies make sure that you get the best out of every dollar spent on online advertising, by targeting specific platforms with focused marketing programs.

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Social Media and Marketing: Meeting your Marketing Goals

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing benefits are many, and the good thing is that many of these are measurable.  For instance, social media marketing results in increased website traffic.  It also helps in establishing a consistent and clear brand identity across multiple social media platforms, so that brand recognition becomes sharper.  As interaction with target audiences increases, brand loyalty also goes up, and so does awareness of the target audience’s likes and dislikes.  Customer satisfaction increases when customers realize that they have a space for expressing their views about your product and that you are attentive of their remarks and needs.  Social media marketing is also one of the most cost-effective means of marketing.

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Building a Strong Image

The first step in a social media marketing plan is to create a strong profile for a product or business, creating a good first impression in the minds of viewers as to the brand being marketed.  In addition to seeing up an impressive profile on each major social media platform, a smart strategy is to cross-promote social accounts, by asking an audience on one platform to follow you on the others as well.  Another powerful tool that marketing agencies use to reinforce a strong image, is to run cross-channel campaigns, branding them with unique hashtags to make them instantly memorable.  As more social media platforms move their networks to smartphones via apps, it becomes necessary to focus on optimizing one’s marketing plan for the mobile audience as well.

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Various Purposes of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is used today not only for effectively reaching out to larger target audiences but also for other varied purposes such as providing customer support, interacting with customers, generating sales leads and building online communities.  Frequently, social media marketing focuses on creating awareness about a company, without directly engaging in sales or brand promotion.

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