The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Scene in Malaysia

Conquer the Rising Mobile Traffic

This year has seen mobile traffic within Malaysia surpass that of desktop traffic by almost 70%.  With such a staggering statistic, digital marketing cannot help but focus on the section of Malaysians that have adopted mobile phones as their means of Internet usage. Recent studies indicate that the mobile Internet usage is likely to go up even more. 

Digital marketing in Malaysia

This makes it imperative for digital marketing in Malaysia to shift its focus onto the mobile users, by developing websites that are more mobile responsive and which provide guaranteed user engagement and a mobile-rich experience for mobile users.

Leveraging the Power of Micro-Influencers

Even after the impact of micro-influencers has been proven over and over again, in the present year the micro-influencer remains one of the most underrated means of digital marketing in Malaysia.  With the immense potential of these brand ambassadors, it is high time for Malaysian companies and digital marketing gurus alike to spend time, budget and effort into developing content that harnesses the power of influencers, specifically those on Instagram and YouTube.  As Malaysians move into a realm of greater brand consciousness, influencer marketing will prove to be one of the most effective means of developing brand identity.  Digital marketing experts know however, that micro-influencing is not an instant formula – it takes specific, focused efforts to get the right influencer to market one’s business.

What’s Better than Video?  Live Video!

It’s no secret that live video rules content marketing.  Taking advantage of the trend, Malaysia’s digital marketers have milked the live video tool for product demos, releases, live Q&A sessions and much more, to the delight of business owners who get an instant feel of what their audience is thinking.  Given that Malaysians are more engaged when it comes to live video, this tool has proven to be the most effective way to capture customer and potential customer feedback.  One of the fastest rising stars in the digital marketing world, it’s safe to say that live video will rule the roost for a long time to come.

As newer technologies emerge and digital marketing prospects get savvier, Malaysian companies have realized that leveraging the digital marketing tools of today is the only way into the future.

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