The New Trends of Design in Malaysia – Clicking with Businesses Nowadays

From Social Media to Website blogs, there isn’t a single place over the internet, which doesn’t use design copies in the modern day digital world. With this demand, many new trends in Malaysia have changed the pace of the designing industry. Advanced tools, sophisticated applications and enthusiastic designers have all contributed to this rapidly rising phenomenon. Here is more on this interesting topic.

Colorful schemes

Graphic design is all about curating colorful designs that we cannot find in nature. With love for artificial designs and colors, the color schemes have become a new trend in the designing world. Every designer is now trying to insert colors like hot pink and blue to make the images look artistic. Indeed, colors make a difference to your life and the same holds for your business.

The Street Style

Inspired by graffiti, many people have started designing without even learning or taking up any course. The new kids in the block have traveled a long way with many street-style fashions and images. Though many of them are protesting types, these trends of design in Malaysia still connect with the pulse of the protesting audience.

Thin geometries

From the fundamentals of graphic design in Malaysia, lines often don the role of expressing the nature of the element or object. Off late, these fundamentals are emerging into new shapes in the designing world. Though the idea of geometry is from the print media, it is now finding its true innovative existence in the digital media.


Usually made by mixing several elements of different images with a white background, collages are a big turn on. Photo manipulation now has a cutting edge in creating beautiful collages. Cutting the lines between few images highlights the background image and gratifies the beauty of the entire picture.

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