Three Features Required To Make a Great Advertisement Slogan

What’s the first thing you remember about an advertisement? A catchy slogan? Yes, slogans are an important element of advertising in Malaysia that can make a brand hugely popular and memorable. Read on to learn about the features that ad professionals focus on to create attractive, appealing slogans.


Speaks About Product or Target Audience

Slogans that make a powerful statement about a product or the target market have a high chance of obtaining mass appeal. For example, you’ve heard the slogan ‘Just Do It’. People remember this slogan because it relates to their life and has meaning for them. It also positions the audience as go-getters. Another slogan – ‘Good to the last drop’ is impressive because it describes the product and creates a value proposition. Both these taglines are exciting enough to retain your attention. They also help identify the nature of the business. The second one even showcases a benefit that the product delivers.

Short and Crisp

In most cases of successful advertising in Malaysia, the slogan is short and crisp. A good ad slogan conveys the best possible message in the least amount of words. It can be clever, emotional, humorous and witty or anything else, depending on the brand’s positioning. It can also be rhyming or have rhythm to add to its appeal. Ideally, the length of the slogan should be between two and four words or between seven and eight words, if you really want to stretch it. In case you do like a longer slogan, make sure that it flows naturally.

Easy To Understand

Many advertisers make the mistake of including industry-specific terms or acronyms in their slogan, thinking it will set them apart as a niche brand. The downside of this is that unless you’re targeting a very niche market that understands industry-specific jargon, it’s not going to be effective. The average consumer may not be able to understand complicated, industry-specific terms and is more likely to switch off from the ad as well as your brand. Message clarity is an important requisite for strong advertising in Malaysia.

Along with other elements such as logo and business name, the ad’s slogan should align with the brand. When all elements work together effectively, you have a winner on your hands. To create a winning advertising campaign for your business, get in touch with Malaysia’s top-rated advertising firm!

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