Tips for SMEs to Build Strong Online Presence with Social Media Marketing

Is your small or medium enterprise active on social media? Here are some easy steps that can help your SME build a strong presence on social networks.

social media marketing

Select Appropriate Platforms

When it comes to social media marketing, there are a plethora of platforms to choose from. Some platforms may be better suited for your business than others. Generally speaking, Twitter is a good choice for most companies because it allows you to be as formal or informal as you want to be. LinkedIn is appropriate for B2B businesses. Informal platforms like Facebook and Instagram are favored by B2C businesses. A business should select appropriate platforms that are in keeping with its goals and brand.

Active and Meaningful Engagement

Social media marketing is not just about promoting products and services. The audience that is present on social networks is primarily there for socializing. Engagement should be an integral part of social marketing to nurture brand awareness and build relationships. Engagement can be in many forms including sharing external links with due credit and adding your own brand messaging. Taking part in industry-relevant conversations and replying to users are also effective ways to increase engagement rates.

Post Consistently and Effectively

Consistency is key to obtaining long term social media marketing results. Not only should content be posted on a consistent basis but it is also be based on a meaningful strategy. One way to achieve these twin objectives is to create a social calendar and run posts or participate in conversations on particular days that are relevant to your industry. Creating a calendar for dropping posts makes planning much easier and posting on relevant days will help maximize reach.

Run Social Media Ads

Along with organic posts, an SME should also consider investing in paid social media advertising. While organic posts are a great way to enhance brand awareness and establish authority, they offer limited scope for targeting and control of who sees your posts. Paid social media ads come with a host of targeting options. Ads can be optimized to appear in front of a targeted audience and users can be directed to take specific actions that result in conversions and sales.

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