Try an Unconventional Guerilla Ad Campaign for High Impact Results

When undertaken by a highly creative advertising agency in Malaysia, guerilla advertising can be a very effective way to grab consumers’ attention and grow customer base. Read on to learn more about this exceptional ad strategy and ways to utilize it.

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What Is Guerilla Advertising?

Guerilla advertising involves the use of novel, out-of-the-box and seriously creative methods to capture consumers’ attention and interest.  The phrase is inspired by the term ‘guerilla warfare’ where an element of surprise is used to overcome enemies. In guerilla advertising, the recipients are not enemies but the idea is to strike a chord with potential consumers in a memorable way and on a personal level. Guerilla advertising relies on delivering an immersive and experiential encounter. When people see something new, original and exciting, they are more likely to remember it and spread word about it. This kind of advertising is an effective way to showcase the boldness and confidence of business.

How Does It Benefit Businesses?

Guerilla advertising campaigns can be very effective in helping small businesses stand out in people’s minds and make a big impact.  A guerilla advertising strategy does not necessarily need a huge budget but it can achieve optimal results with the use of unconventional, original and innovative ideas. However, it needs to be executed properly by a team of highly creative individuals who are brimming with fresh ideas and energy. Also, there are certain risks such as risk of misrepresentation, deceit and potential legal consequences that need to be factored in. It is best to work with an experienced advertising agency in Malaysia that has undertaken such

Strategies for Guerilla Advertising

There are many strategies to successfully implement a guerilla advertising campaign. One of the most popular strategies is to effectively use certain locations such as public parks, billboards, buildings, streets or events to advertise a product/service. The use of posters, flyers, magnets and stickers in legal or unauthorized places is a classic guerilla marketing strategy to grab eyeballs. Another strategy is to leverage technology and use the digital platform to engage target audience. Viral social media campaigns and influencer marketing to create a strong buzz around a product or service are examples of a guerilla marketing strategy in the digital world. Product placement marketing can also be an effective guerilla marketing tactic.

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