Types of Online Advertising and Business Needs

Online advertising in Malaysia is a hundred-million-dollar industry and one that allows business owners the opportunity to reach and influence target audiences across multiple touch points.  Online advertising is a multi-faceted area spanning diverse options such as email marketing, website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and advertisements on social media, to name a few.

The online advertising services offered need to include a good mix of diverse options in order to get best results.  For example, if the objective is to boost sales, then pay-per-click and display advertisements are a good strategy.  If a large section of the target audience uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, then social media marketing campaigns might be the strongest approach to engage with these customers.

Constant Performance Tracking

Whatever the online advertising strategy adopted, it is important to constantly monitor how well it is performing.  Because online platforms undergo near continuous change, most advertising services include a dedicated digital marketing team whose goal is to optimize and evolve online advertising strategies.  A good advertising agency takes into account the feedback that its advertisement received from customers and consistently updates its campaign to ensure that it is truly in touch with its target base.

Developing a Crisp, Smart Advertisement

Online advertising poses a serious challenge: the online advertisement needs to be creative enough to appeal to the fickle attention spans of its target audience.  The trend is to opt for a simply-worded, yet impactful advertisement that will immediately capture the attention of the audience.  A bold visual, such as a short, crisp video, delivers a powerful message.  Special attention needs to be paid to campaigns developed for mobile phones, as the smartphone is fast replacing the laptop and PC as the de-facto way of going online.  Advertisement campaigns need to be tailored to cater differently to different sections of the audience, those that are more likely to make a purchasing decision versus those that are more likely to be influencers.

In leveraging the highly interactive and far-reaching platform that is the Internet, online advertising in Malaysia is all set to impact target audiences like never before!

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