Various Purposes of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is used today not only for effectively reaching out to larger target audiences but also for other varied purposes such as providing customer support, interacting with customers, generating sales leads and building online communities.  Frequently, social media marketing focuses on creating awareness about a company, without directly engaging in sales or brand promotion.

social media marketing

This has proved to be a powerful marketing strategy, as it gradually builds familiarity with the brand or product.  Some of the ways in which awareness is built include invitations to webinars featuring the product, or a free e-book containing more information about the brand.  Many social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also allow users to be segmented based on various demographic parameters such as age, income, location and so on, allowing for specifically targeted strategies that the social media marketing agency can then follow up with.

Content is King

Much of the decision-making power of a social media marketing campaign lies with its content.  Social media marketing agencies will have dedicated content management teams who work on campaigns across social media platforms, each of which will need to have their own strategy.  It is crucial to building targeted, effective content that is sure to catch the viewer’s attention and influence them to take the next step.The content of a social media marketing campaign should evolve from research that the marketing agency has put into understanding buyer persona.  One common strategy is to use content to spawn off a discussion, thus bringing more people in and further raising brand awareness.

Automating Social Media Marketing Tasks

With multiple strategies to manage across different social media platforms, social media marketing might appear tedious.  However, the availability of automation tools such as Buffer and Postplanner make managing a marketing campaign less cumbersome, allowing for repeatable tasks such as posting links and weekly newsletters, to be scheduled weeks ahead.  Many marketing agencies also have the strategy of re-posting curated content, designed to keep viewers’ interests alive, which is another task that is easily automated.

Social media marketing can seem daunting to business owners and marketers who have not yet taken the plunge, but with the right social media marketing agency, it can prove to be a winning step to boost business!

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