What a Design Should Say

Those in the business know that for a successful advertising campaign, or brand positioning strategy, design is everything.  Design in Malaysia, though still in its infancy, has already become a hugely competitive line of business, with agencies investing in enormous amounts of research for any design undertaking.  A superior design tells the story of the company it represents.

A well-designed logo, for example, should be representative of the company’s core values, and should have layers of hidden meaning, each building on the overall theme of the company or product being showcased.  Good design ensures instant noticeability and guarantees that the product it represents will be remembered by its target audience, whether it is a company logo, or an advertising campaign.  This is what an agency providing design services needs to work towards.


Multiple Skills Working Together

A good design is not the work of just one individual, or even one team, but involves collaborative effort across a number of teams.  Usually, the design services of several skilled persons such as copywriters, animators, graphics designers, creative directors, advertising specialists and so on come together to create an overall package.  Designing an advertising campaign would entail looking into areas as diverse as online advertising, print, and broadcast advertising, and unconventional methods such as guerilla advertising.  Designing a new branding strategy would involve ensuring consistency across all media, whether print media such as brochures and business cards, or on the web, or television.  The final logo or advertisement that target audiences see, therefore, is the end result of massive amounts of research and collaboration.

Defining an Effective Design Strategy

In ensuring the best design in Malaysia for your product or business, it is important to define an effective strategy.  Design should take into consideration the kind of perception that the business owner wants to create, or change, in the minds of the target audience.  Societal behaviours need to be taken into account, research on the industry in which the client operates needs to be carried out, and designs used by competitors also need to be factored in.

Business owners who leverage the expertise of a good design agency can definitely reap its benefits and have their business firmly implanted in the minds of their target audience!

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