What Good Design Means to Malaysia

Big Influencers on Malaysian Design

Design in Malaysia has come a long way from its beginnings. While Malaysia’s colonization has played a huge role in influencing its design history, today Malaysian designers are seeking inspiration from nearly everywhere.  With its diverse culture, nonetheless, many designers find themselves influenced by some aspect or other of Malaysia’s rich tradition, and are now actively falling back on their roots for creative inspiration.  For a long time, Malaysian design houses wanted their design services to reflect a global and progressive image, and so incorporating Asian culture into design elements was frowned upon.  However, these days, with globalization being downplayed and local culture celebrated, Malaysian designers are beginning to explore their indigenous identity and have come up with some brilliant designs showcasing their rich heritage.

Design Malaysia

Skillfully Blending the Old and the New

Contemporary design in Malaysia is a fusion of East and West, taking the best from both worlds and incorporating it into something uniquely Malaysian.  Graphic design services combine Western influences in typography and layouts with Eastern concepts and materials, to give the impression of familiarity while still retaining its contemporary feel.  Malaysian influences are seen in elements of design everywhere, right from architecture to social media, as designers embrace their roots once again.  The key is to be subtle, though.  Rather than replicate local tradition and culture, Malaysia’s creative designers are looking to emulate local culture in ways that are new and exciting, so they appeal to everyone, specifically Malaysia’s young population.

Benefitting from Collaboration

Malaysia is relatively new to the design services industry, when compared with the Western world.  Given this, the industry is only now seeking to create common platforms where the Malaysian design community can collaborate.  Organizations like the Malaysia Design Archive are making a lot of progress in terms of bringing the nation’s creative best together to give a sense of structure and purpose to the burgeoning design industry.  Design conferences and collaboration, especially those promoting fresh talent, are the need of the hour.

The Malaysian government has risen to the challenge admirably, and today the Malaysian design industry is an exciting place to be.  All said and done, the future looks extremely good for design in Malaysia.

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